When I graduated high school I told my dad that I wanted to be a recording engineer for the rest of my life. He damn near had a heart attack on the spot.

Fast forward some years later… I’ve been fortunate to be a part of many, many great projects, learn under the immeasurable talents of Ryan Worsley, move from scrubbing floors and fetching coffees to being the Head Engineer at Echoplant Sound, and to top it all off my pops is still alive! I strive to be better and better every time I walk through the studio doors all for the sake of making great music. Thank you for stopping by my website!

That’s it? Yea… bios are boring, monotonous, and mundane…

Who are you? My name is Matthew Cosmo Michele Di Pomponio.

Where are you from? Born and raised in Vancouver BC.

How did you get started in music? Was in a band, we sucked, quit the band, took a course that said I’d know how to make records, realized I didn’t know how to make records, begged Ryan Worsley for six months like a starving dog to let me in to his studio and scrub floors, learned how to make records. Boom.

Six Months?! We still joke about him not having a restraining order against me!

Interesting. QUITE!

Why should I hire you to Produce/Engineer/Mix my tunes? Well… I’m pretty good at it and people seem to have tons of fun on my sessions (The biggest reason being that I’m always doing something unusual). We’ll work really hard on your project and make sure the end result is nothing short of awesome.

Unusual like what? Pumping drums through my collection of mini amps, yelling in to guitar pickups, plotting where I’m going to hide my bell in the tune… really weird stuff.

Can you give an example? I was working on a record with Honest and the Crow, I had two mics on Maxton’s voice, one of which was running through a bunch of reverb and guitar pedals into my mini marshall stack. I simultaneously recorded both the “dry” vocal and the “weird mini marshall thin sounding” vocal. When i needed a delay throw in the mix, I pushed the “weird mini marshall thin sounding” vocal up. It was awesome!

What gets you excited about recording? Guitars pedals, guitar amps, old drums, cracked cymbals, really unusual instruments bands always seem to bring in, recording live off the floor… Actually… touching on that… most of what you hear on my site was recorded with the band in the same room! Can you pick out which ones?

What genres are you best at? I’ve cut records with singer-songwriters, rock bands, metal bands, folk bands… I don’t shy away from anything. A good tune is a good tune and that’s what we are trying to document.

What Engineers do you look up to? Tons. Ryan Worsley, Joe Barresi, Sylvia Massey, Rich Costey, Matt Hyde, Vance Powell, Randy Staub, Mike Fraser, Brendan O’brien, Chris Lorde-Alge, Tom Lorde-Alge, Andrew Scheps, Glyn Johns, Andy Johns, Ross Hogarth, Joe Chiccarelli.

Do you master your own mixes? Absolutely not.

I got more questions and they need answers… Email me, Call me, Friend me on Facebook… let’s get them answered and make some tunes!